“Those People”

By |2022-02-21T19:15:32+00:00February 21st, 2022|News|

"Oh, you're one of those people." I got that response during some small talk with an acquaintance and it got me thinking; Is it a [...]

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New Number, who dis?

By |2020-08-07T02:23:33+00:00August 7th, 2020|News|

Oh man it's been a minute! The long absence hasn't been from laziness, in fact just the opposite; we've been busy! Where to start... well, [...]

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Making the most of the summer months

By |2019-04-27T00:48:14+00:00April 27th, 2019|News|

Got big plans for the summer? Summers in North Dakota are tough to beat; tons of daylight, nice warm weather, beautiful green grasses and pollution [...]

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Summers End :(

By |2017-08-14T21:34:25+00:00August 14th, 2017|News|

As summer draws to an end, your activity level shouldn't plummet with the temperature as we near, dare I say, WINTER. We've got everything you [...]

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June Update!

By |2017-06-22T18:06:39+00:00June 22nd, 2017|News|

I hope your summer has been going great! We've got a lot going on the coming weeks and near future so free up those calendars! [...]

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News Update!

By |2017-05-15T21:30:20+00:00May 15th, 2017|News|

Anybody who knows me knows that I am not the most technologically friendly person, but we've got this shiny new website so I might as [...]

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