Got big plans for the summer? Summers in North Dakota are tough to beat; tons of daylight, nice warm weather, beautiful green grasses and pollution free blue skies, wicked awesome thunderstorms, and them sunsets… only down fall – maybe the mosquitoes, or maybe the hectic wedding/lake/bonfire/yard work/softball league/bbq/kids activities/Disney movie releases/etc… schedule. Most folks summer calendars are filling up, and the promise we made to ourselves in January that “This summer I’m going to get out and get my butt in shape!”, is quickly taking a backseat to a number of things that are the opposite of a healthy choice. Well, let us help you bring the balance back! You don’t have to dedicate 20+ hours each week and make a push for the 2020 Olympics; 3-5 hours a week (that’s, like, an hour a day, 3-5 days a week) and a small tweak to clean up the majority of your diet (gotta live a little too), and you’ll go from “Well, guess I’m already layered up for winter.” to “I wish we could get a few more weeks of summer so I can show off this new swimsuit.”. And if you’re wanting to get started, but not totally sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered.

Our On-Ramp course will take you from the very basics all the way to through what you thought would never be possible. Movements broken down and tailored to each individuals abilities, positions explained, and instructor lead the whole way, you’ll be crushing goals in no time. The next On-Ramp is going to be kicking off Monday, May 6th at 7pm. It’s a 3 week course meeting 3 days each week (Mon/Tue/Thur) at 7pm. And you get everything for $135! If you really want to get started, but the dates and times just don’t fit your schedule, hit us up to learn about our 1 on 1 On-Ramp.

One of the most common reasons (it’s really more of an excuse) why we hear people are afraid to try CrossFit is, and I quote, “I’d have a heart attack and die!”. LOL – we haven’t killed anybody yet, but just in case somebody’s ticker did decide it’s had enough, we’d know what to do! And we’re going to make sure we stay up to snuff on the CPR and AED ways and you’re invited to join as well! Saturday, May 18th at 10:30 am we’re going to host a Compress and Shock seminar where instructors are going to lead us through the signs of heart failure, what to do, and how to do it properly. It’s going to be open to anyone who wants to know these life saving skills and it’s FREE! Only downside is this is not a “certificate course”, so if you were hoping to hit this and land that big babysitting contract, sorry. But you will come away armed with the knowledge to save somebody’s life!

Sunday, May 26th we’ll be participating in our 7th annual Memorial Day Murph Challenge. “Murph” is one of the most iconic hero workouts in CrossFit consisting of a 1 mile run – 100 pull ups – 200 push ups – 300 air squats – and 1 mile run to wrap it all up. If you’re able, you should do it in a weight vest. If it’s your first “Murph”, then you should look at toning back the total volume of movements to something a little more manageable, and we can help you determine what that might be. If you want to be apart of the official Murph Challenge, head over to and get registered, then come throw down with us on the 26th. Afterwards we’ll celebrate with plenty of food, friends, and whatever you recovery beverage of choice is (remember, got to have balance).

We will not be open Monday, May 27th. Rest up, recover from Murph, get ready to get back to work on Tuesday.

Finally, if you think it’s all work and no play around here, you’re sorely mistaken! Saturday, June 8th we’re going to replace our regular scheduled workout with a Golf Tournament! We’ll be meeting at Apple Grove Golf Course and kicking off our 2nd annual 4 person golf extravaganza with a shotgun start at 10 am. It’s going to be $20 per golfer, carts will be available for rent, team mulligans can be purchased before the round for $5 a piece, and there will be all sorts of prizes for the usual challenges. If you really want to be a part of the fun but your friends are not on board, just let us know and we’ll find you some new friends who like to party (and golf). If you’d like to join but prefer not to golf, you’re still more than welcome to tag along and offer advice on how to perfectly execute a 325 yard blind dogleg drive! All are welcome! You can contact CrossFit Minot to get a team signed up or get yourself onto a team.