It’s been a minute – and that’s honestly how long it feels since my last post. We hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season! New Years is always the start of many a new resolution; some to make drastic life changes, others to make a little shift in a routine. Either way, I hope you’re still keeping with it and making the best of 2018! Each new year for us means new sets of goals (maybe some recycled ones) and another crack at the CrossFit Open. The Open is the first phase of the CrossFit Games season and finding the fittest on Earth! Everybody gets a chance to throw their hat in the ring and share the same leader board as the top dogs. With almost 500,000 people signed up this year, making it to the next stage (Regionals) is a very tall order that only the top 0.05% will accomplish. So the rest of us competed for the fun of it – to measure ourselves against friends from the office or across town – to measure ourselves against us from last year. But most of all to support each other when we go way out of our comfort zones and have a blast doing it. One of our members had one hell of an Open this year and I got ask her a few questions as to what enabled her to shift into full beast mode.

Tessa Cammel: Tessa has been CrossFitting for just about 2 years now and like many others, started with a friend. It’s always more fun with a friend! Though her friend didn’t stick it out too long after starting, Tessa made dozens of new friends and was feeling the awesome support and camaraderie from the community. Fast forward to this years Open, and she’s a completely different athlete – physically and mentally. When I asked her what helped facilitate the changes she said it was simple, “Focusing slightly more on nutrition, meal prepping and swapping in some cleaner choices.”. This little change helped her perform 3 of the 5 Open workouts as prescribed (Rx) this year compared to the 1 she accomplished last year, which in itself is a huge improvement. Within this years Open workouts alone she had 4 PRs (personal records) – 2 in lifting heavy things and 2 in gymnastics movements. You can’t give all the credit to eating slightly better, there has to be a change between the ears as well. I asked her what was different in this years Open mentally – “I pushed more, went a little harder and was willing to ’embrace the suck’ more because I knew I’d be ok.” She gave a half smile and added, “Could’ve done with less dumbbells though.”.


So what lays ahead for the rest of us? A lot!

April 9th we’re kicking off our next On-Ramp course. It’s M/W/F for 3 weeks starting at 7pm. If you’re looking to get into CrossFit, this is the perfect entry point. If you’ve been wanting to get into CrossFit but would prefer to be coached individually or the On-Ramp never works with your schedule, we do offer the same material offered through personal training. Just call to set up a no sweat intro and we’ll get the ball rolling!

April 21st we’re heading to Beulah for Festivus Games, the perfect competition for someone new to the sport and looking to test themselves.

We’ll be watching the Dakota Games qualifier workouts and monitoring our athletes giving them a run for a spot on the floor come June 23rd & 24th.

We are currently planning out a service project that will help out the community. The ball is already rolling on this month’s project, but the goal is to do one a month from now until there’s nobody left to help. If you’ve got a project you need help with or know of an organization that can use some good working hands, email us with the info!

Stay tuned for more success stories and info on projects in the works! Thanks for the read and make your day a great one.