Don’t blink, it’ll be 2019 before you know it! So enjoy all the moments you can before 2018 is another page in the history books. We’ve got a handful of fun things going on at CrossFit Minot in just November; so if you’re looking to improve your fitness before fittin’ all the turkey down your gullet, we’ve got you covered like the typical gravy to mashed potatoes ratio.

It’s all kicking off with our November On-Ramp on Monday the 5th at 7pm. We are going to run a shortened On-Ramp schedule to fit everything in before Thanksgiving, so it’s just going to be 2 weeks of Mon/Tue/Thur at 7pm each night. This is best route for anybody looking to get their start in CrossFit; all the movements are broken down and simplified while still providing a challenging workout each time. Don’t miss out on this one!

Veteran’s Day, Sunday the 11th, we’ll have a memorial hero workout at 11am – then on Monday, November 12th, we’ll have a limited schedule. Make sure to check the schedule for any changes or updates.

Saturday the 17th we’ll host the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) folks from Minot Air Force Base for an EOD Warrior Foundation Benefit Workout in honor of the 133 EOD members who have made the ultimate sacrifice. You can check out their fundraising page and make an online donation at . The workout will be performed in teams of 2 and if you have a weight vest, bring it!

Thursday the 22nd (Thanksgiving Day) we’ll do our annual T-Day “Linda” – an old school benchmark workout based on your body weight, hence why we do it before stuffing our faces with all the tasty foods. We’ll run heats of the workout in the morning, starting at 8am and going til everybody is good and exercised. If you’re unfamiliar with ol’ “Linda”, check out this video of CrossFit O.G. Chris Spealer crushing what takes most upwards of 30 minutes to complete: .

Friday the 23rd (Black Friday) we’ll have a slightly limited schedule so families can spend a little more time together! But, we’ll also be starting our “Eatin’ Clean Between the Holidays” paleo diet challenge this day!! It’s a 4 week clean eating challenge complete with weigh in at the begging, recipe suggestions, daily workouts with videod movement demonstrations, and post challenge weigh out. There is also an optional pre and post challenge workout to test your physical gains from the challenge! There is a $10 registration and an e-mail is required (that’s how we’ll send out the workouts and recipes each week), both must be provided at CrossFit Minot anytime from the 23rd through the 26th. If you’d like to do the optional pre-challenge workout, this is a great time to give that a go! We’ll have the post challenge weigh in and test out on December 21st through 24th. There will be prizes awarded to the person who loses the most weight during the challenge and for the most improved workout! And, for every 15 people registered, we’ll draw a name for a free month at CrossFit Minot or a free On-Ramp!! Diet is the foundation of all the fitness, and if yours needs some fine tuning then this is the time! If you have any questions, feel free to call Jerad at 701-240-1082.