Whew, what a weekend we had! The 4 teams of three ( Beardless Lumberjacks – Where’s the Wine – a Blonde, Readhead, and Brunette – Buns on the Run) and myself gave it our all on the floor and had a blast doing so! A big Thank You to the Dakota Games organizers and crews for putting on such a fun competition! I’d like to thank the giant group of folks that traveled with to Fargo to watch and cheer us on every step of the way! You could definitely tell when CrossFit Minot was on the floor!  Check out the leader board for the break down of how we stacked up against the field. http://www.thedakotagames.com . What the leader board won’t show you is the amount of hard work these athletes put in and the vast improvements each team made from when they practiced these workouts to how hard they pushed out on the floor.

Taking a look in the near future, we’ve got our Running Clinic going on next weekend right here in the box, the Granite Games teams of 3 qualifier kicks off next week, the South Dakota Open is in 2 weeks, we’ve got a group of folks heading to Madison, WI, the first week of August to take in the competition at the CrossFit Games, then a little bit of a break til the Festivus Games in October. If you’re interested in competing in the Festivus Games, make sure to get your teammate and register early as the first 15 teams get a $20 discount plus free shirts! https://festivusgames.com/register/21334/ <– That’s the link that’ll take you right to our registration page!