Wasn’t it just yesterday we were doing this “Alright, 2018’s the year I’m going to do ______.” ? Now here we are: “Ok, 2019 I’m definitely going to do ______!”. Whether it’s the same goal recycled (guilty) or you crushed last years and are upping the ante this year, YOU GOT THIS! Write it down, keep it on the front of the brain when you’ve got free time and pat yourself on the back when you cross that sucker off with the most glorious check mark ever… until next years!

If you’re like many others out there, maybe one of goals is to get in shape in 2019. The answer is all over out there: Eat right and exercise. But what’s the right foods? How much of those foods should you eat to reach a goal? What exercises should you utilize? When should you transition from the red band to the black band? What should you wear in case of inclement weather?? So many questions!

What if we answered all the questions you had, plus gave you answers to questions you didn’t even know you had yet? What if we took you by the hand (sometimes literally) and showed you the movements that are going to make your life easier? Not only that, but showed you how to do them properly to build yourself up stronger, faster? We’re going to do all the hard work, you just need to be here! I’m talking about On-Ramp program, and we’re starting our next one on Monday at 7pm with an informational meet and greet – no workout clothes even needed. And if your questions aren’t completely fulfilled; well, at least you didn’t have to sweat! It’s going to run for 3 weeks, meeting Mon/Tue/Thur at 7pm for roughly an hour each night. If those days or times aren’t fitting your schedule, we still have our One on One On-Ramp there to get you up to speed. It just takes you making that first step through the door!

Along with the On-Ramp program, we’re going to have a couple workshops at the gym to help folks hone some skills. First one’s going to be a Rowing workshop on Friday, Jan. 7th at 7pm. It’s a piece of equipment we utilize quite a bit, especially throughout winter, so why not make our time spent on it worth while? If you’re looking to improve your rowing stroke, stroke rate, power output, or just want to learn a little something about the indoor rower, stop by!

The next workshop we’ll be offering is all Gymnastics focused on Sunday, Feb. 10th at 12 noon. We’ll start with the very basics and progress to the highest point anyone is capable of getting to! Don’t skip this one if you’ve been working towards that first Pull Up!

Finally, we’re going to be making a slight schedule adjustment. We’re going to take our 8am class and slide it back to 9am. It’s already updated on all the future schedules, just a heads up if you were deadset on hitting that 8am class. There will be open gym during that time slot, so if you still want to come in and work on whatever, you’ll have that option.

I want to wish everybody a happy, healthy 2019. Make it your best year yet!