So much has been going on and time has been flying by faster everyday! Maybe it’s the shorter daylight hours, maybe it’s the continuously accelerating expansion of the cosmos, maybe a butterfly on the other side of the world did a thing and, ya… There’s a lot to catch everybody up on! If you’re not already following our social media, get on that! CrossFit Minot on the facebooks and crossfit_minot on the instagrams. Those will give you a little more insight the fun things going on in here everyday. Speaking of daily, our daily schedule has been adjusted after our month long trial period. We’ve moved the 7am to 8am and turned the 7pm to an Open Gym time. Both of those changes can be seen on the “Schedule” tab.

If you weren’t here for the Festivus Games in October, man, you missed one heck of a day! I’ve been apart of a few competitions in the past and competed in many, but this was my first time actually organizing and orchestrating the operations of one. That being said, I want to lead with a huge Thank You to the folks be behind the clipboards and stopwatches all day: the Judges. Had it not been for their amazing attitudes and non-stop participation, everything would have come to a grinding halt real fast. They ruled the day, rolled with all the rocking, and did it all with a smile. The athletes who turned up day of were nothing awe inspiring and deserve their own special Thank You . Everybody gave it their all, supported each other, and didn’t even complain while defying death on that final workout! We had a couple photographers roaming the whole day getting all the best shots and candid moments. As soon as we get those pics, we’ll post them for all to enjoy!

With the holiday season upon us the schedule is going to get a little funky and very busy. You can always check the schedule to see what’s going to be available for the day/week, but I’ll still give ya the updates I’ve got for now.

Nov. 23rd – Thanksgiving Day: We will be doing our annual Thanksgiving Day “Linda” on the morning of the 23th. We’ll have a heat sheet at the gym so people will have a better idea of when to show up but we will give time priority to folks who have to cook or entertain all day. Beast Mode first, Feast Mode later. We’ll do as many heats as we need to depending on equipment and turn out, but first heat will start at 8am and we’ll run every hour after that till everyone’s in!

Nov. 24th – Black Friday: We’re are going to have a very limited schedule on this day. One class at 8am, one class at 4pm. Saturday’s will be normal 9:30am.

Dec. 2nd: Reindeer Games in Bismarck! Our friends in the South are hosting a very festive team competition on Saturday the 2nd. We’ve got a few athletes heading down so make sure to come out and support!

Dec. 4-8th: CrossFit Minot will be collecting food and gift donations for the Minot Domestic Violence Crisis Center. It’s always nice to help out others and no better time to lend a hand than the holidays. We’ll have a list of foods or items that the center is looking for at the gym to help hone your ideas.

Dec. 16th: CrossFit Tundra Winter Games! We’ll keep the festivities going with a trip to the East to check out CrossFit Tundra’s new facility and throw down in their 5th annual Winter Games. It’s a team competition, but a Male/Female pairing this time; so get your significant other, get your ugly sweaters and get them excessively sweaty!

Dec. 25th – Christmas Day: Closed. No classes. Enjoy the day with family and friends.

Dec. 26th: Closed. No classes. Recover from the eggnog and cider, maybe a day away from family and friends?

Jan. 1st – New Years Day: Closed. No Classes. Recover from all the New Years Eve champagne.